About the
Randall’s Island Park Alliance

Hell Gate Wildflower Meadow 2_

THE RANDALL’S ISLAND PARK ALLIANCE (RIPA) partners with the City, local communities and our generous supporters to offer all New Yorkers – from athletes to artists, children to seniors, and amateurs to world champions – the kind of parkland and expansive views that invite us to reach for our dreams. RIPA works to develop and expand community and youth programs, restore the island’s natural ecosystems, and foster healthy and active lifestyles through the maintenance and care of 330 acres of waterfront parkland, including more than half of Manhattan’s premier playing fields.

During these challenging years, the Randall’s Island Park Alliance has remained committed to serving the millions of New Yorkers who benefit from using the Island. The Alliance provides much needed open space and online programming focused on fitness, nature, and education to Park users of all ages. The Urban Farm has donated over 3,000 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries in nearby Harlem and South Bronx communities.

None of this work would have been possible
without your generous support.

We deeply appreciate your consideration in making a contribution or joining us at one of two cocktail receptions on Randall’s Island on May 19 and June 14, 2022. When you attach your name and support to our cause, you signal your appreciation for all the Alliance does, and that is truly the most important gift.